Anatomy Of A PC Crash: Reasons And How to Avoid Them

Have you ever tried to find reasons behind computer crash? Are you wishing to know how to keep your system safe from Crash? Then relax, because this page will yield you the tips required to avoid the crash.

  • File/Program Corruption Issues:

Due to random file and program corruption error, slow growing problems occurs. When any file is damaged then it may or may not throw an error message. One should make sure that your anti-virus is running and it is up to date. Frequently you need to scan your whole system for malware since a virus may sometimes cause random file corruption problems.

  • Hardware Conflicts:


It is possible that two components in a computer may try to occupy same resources or perform the same task which results in hardware conflicts. It might also results in audio conflicts i.e. disabling audios in few programs. Not all conflicts will crash a system, but few can cause instability which result in blue screen of death or reboot. Usually, one can see hardware conflicts by opening Windows ‘Device Manager’. Hardware with conflict will appear with a yellow exclamation point next to it. Try to re-install the drives for malfunctioning hardware.

Boot Errors:

While booting your PC you might face errors like, “Boot device not found”, “Windows will fail to boot”. This is the sign that something went wrong with system hard drive. You can replace the drive or re-install the OS to come out of this problem. One must prevent such errors as they result in huge data loss. However, there are some tools available to recover data from crashed computers.


Poor Performance:

Due to launching several programs such as playing games, watching YouTube videos etc. will increase the effect of software installed on a Windows computer. Unknowingly you might have installed programs more than your system can handle, as a result system will perform poorly. In such case cleaning system might help, or sometimes you may need to re-install the operating systems.

Cluttered Registry:

System Registry is a vast library of settings-settings which sometimes result in blue screens and other instabilities. However these settings are useless to daily operations of computer but can result in system bloat, errors and conflicts. This may result in system crash, so to prevent it use a good registry cleaner.

Overheating hard drive:


As we know, loud fans fixed inside will create burning sensation on our legs after using laptops for too long. One should keep it in mind that, everything inside computer generates heat and results components to become unstable and hence system get crashed. To avoid this, first check whether all fans are spinning properly. If any of it is not working correctly: even after checking its connections, then it is best to replace it. Try to keep your system free from dust because more the amount of dust inside the PC, more the prevention of proper airflow.

Fragmented Hard Drive:

As every time you install a program, save data or delete something, then your system hard drive can become more fragmented and unstable. It not only slowdown the PC hard drive but also produces problems while OS is trying to find necessary files to function. As a result system will get crashed.These are few of the reasons and prevention tips of computer crash. Follow these tips and avoid system crash.


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