Future Car Technology: Drive Car While Watching Movie

From the past few years we have seen closer link between motoring industry and consumer electronic industry. From autonomous vehicles, Bluetooth to apps, still something we are going to see more and more in the future. The biggest names of motoring industry such as Ford, BMW, Volvo and other manufacturers are revealing their latest projects in the annual technology tradeshows CES, highlighted the things on which they are presently working and also showcased future plans. So let us see few things motoring tech revealed:Volvo_Streaming-970-80vgjhfgvjhv

  • BMW

The BMW iVision Future Interaction to show what the car interface of might look like. This car has 21-inch panoramic screen which runs across the dashboard to provide information working through Air touch. Its sensors recognizes hand movements and allows the car driver to operate the display touchscreen without touching it. Using a hand up display, Traffic and vehicle information can be projected into the driver’s field of view. Its mobility mirror get connects to the cloud giving information related to the present day, such as weather forecast, energy status of a smart home.

  • Bosch

Bosch has revealed a concept car packed with latest technology. Its dashboard and console are a broad electronic touch screen display. Its content will get changed based on the surrounding. Its main intention is to reduce the distraction and allowing drivers to get the information at the right time. It consists of new kind of touchscreen which allows driver to feel good feedback when he tap a button. This company also has automatic parking plans which is going to be released till 2018. With this technology, drivers can leave their car till the car parking entrance and the car will automatically find space to park.

  • Ford

Ford is planning to join both car and home by combining its SYNC Connect voice control system with the help of Amazon’s Echo connected speaker. With this feature, driver can control his or her car from home and easily can control things in their house from their car. Ford’s owner can use the Echo to start/stop, lock/unlock, can get information about vehicle location using voice and even can check the fuel level. In the car driver can ask, “Alexa, turn my porch light on”, Alexa is nothing but the cloud based system used by the Echo. For example: from home driver could ask “Alexa, ask my Ford car’s driving range?” then Alexa might reply: “You have an available range of 66 miles.”

So are you excited to experience these new features in your car? Then you need to wait for some more time because it has hit the US market and very soon it is going to arrive in India.


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