How Virtual Keyboard Works?

The Laser Keyboard i.e. VBK-Magic Cube is a virtual keyboard, whose size is just as your cell phone. Its specialty is that, it can work in complete dark by projecting keyboard keys on a plain surface. This device is compatible with, Computers, Tablet PC, iPhone, iPad, PDA, Smartphone and MAC and all the other devices which operates on Bluetooth HID. This Virtual Laser Keyboard can replace the traditional keyboard.ProjectionKeyboard_2hjbj

Virtual Keyboard works on direction technology based on an optical recognition mechanism, which helps user to tap on projector key image while producing real tapping sounds same as a real keyboard. Its technology reads the user’s finger movements to interpret and record keystrokes. Since the Virtual Keyboard is an image projected with light, it automatically get disappear when it is not in use. Its dimension is 38 x 75 x 29 mm i.e. the size of normal cellphone, which is easy to carry. This device is tightly constructed with a compact and attractive design. It is small enough to fit in pocket and it can easily be kept beside the device you are typing on, without giving attention to itself.

virtual keyboard


Its projection laser displays the keyboard layout on any opaque flat surface. The keystrokes are recognized and then relayed though an invisible infrared layer combined with an optical sensor. The actual recognition process works like this: when any user press a key on the projected keyboard, the infrared layer is interrupted. Then, this will produce the UV reflection, which are recognized with the help of sensors using three dimensions and allow the system to allocate a keyboard character. This equipment comes in numerous classic colors. So we have something which is going to grab attention of any gadget lover.


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