How To Create, Merge And Resize Partition On Mac?

The popularity of Mac is increasing day by day. Many Mac users don’t know some basic things about mac, such as how to create a new partition, resizing the partition, merging etc. So if you are looking for a guide to help you out for creating, merging and resizing partition on Mac then this article is for you.

Creating a new partition on the Mac is really easy and also you can easily resize, delete, merge partition from any internal and external hard drives in Mac OS X. For merging you can use a default app called Disk Utility. It is important to note that, before beginning with the below steps, make sure you have backup of your hard drive important data and also you can back up your hard drive using Time Machine.

Steps to Add/Create a new hard drive partition on Mac OS X:

  1. Go to Application/ Utilities and open Disk Utility app
  2. Choose the hard drive you want to partition, from the left side corner of the app
  3. Then select the Partition tab

disk-utility-partition - Copy

  1. Next, press the (+) button to create a new partition
  2. Give a proper name for your new partition, select file system type and select a size
  3. Lastly, Press “Apply” button to create a new partition

Steps to Delete and Merge partition:

Erasing or deleting a partition is very easy just like creating one. You need to follow the same method to add a new partition but instead of (+), you need to press (-) and click on “Apply”, your selected partition get deleted. Be careful while selecting partition for deleting. Accidentally if you choose an important partition and deleted it then you will lose entire data. Anyhow there are amazing data recovery tools which help you out for recovery of data.

Steps to resize and enlarge existing partition:

Using these steps you can easily resize your partition:

  1. On the “Partition” tab, just drag the separator bar up and down to resize your hard drive partition
  2. Alternatively, choose the partition which you want to resize and enter the size value in the Size box (In GB).
  3. Finally, Click on “Apply” button to resize the partition.

After applying these changes, your MacBook does not require any reboot. I hope this article helped to create, delete, merge and resize the Mac partition.


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