Tricks To Set Up Your Family Members On Windows 10 PC

If you are sharing your computer with family members or colleagues and planning to provide each of them with their own account then you are in right place. This article will give you some tips on how to add your family or friends account on your Windows 10 computer with easy approach.

The best use of family account facility is, parents can monitor kid’s online activity, limit how and when kids use their Windows 10 device. You can even set smart limits on kids’ spending and make sure that kids won’t see inappropriate website, games or apps. Along with this, each single user can get their own desktop layout, own set of desktop folders and own Start menu. Read further to know, how to add adults and children in Windows 10.

  • First and foremost navigate to Settings from Start menu


  • Then click on Accounts


  • From the left window pane, select Family & Other Users


  • Then click on “Add a family member” or “Add someone else to this PC” option. For adding adult or child, choose “family member” so that you can get parental control settings for child users. If no child is using then you can go with “Add someone else to this PC.


Once you decide the best option between these two, go for further steps.

To add an Adult User

  • Choose “Add someone else to this PC
  • Type the person’s email id and click next. (This email address should be tied with the person’s Microsoft account.)


  • You will get a window, just click on Finish button and you are good to go.

To Add a Child

  • Choose “Add a Family Member”
  • Then, select “Add a Child”
  • Enter the child’s Microsoft account email address.

If the kid is not having Microsoft account then you need to sign them up for one. Microsoft requires child’s account to have email, however parents can use their own email id or can create a dummy one.


  • After adding email id, click on Next then on Confirm.

After this process, an invitation will come to child’s account, he just need to click on Accept.

While setting up family member on your Windows 10 PC, the Microsoft account requirement is troubling some parents. But, this can be resolved by asking help from Microsoft. Finally, you and your family can use single Windows 10 desktop or laptop at home with different personalized accounts with no hassle.



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