Microsoft’s New Security System Alerts You from Hackers

As everyone knows, antivirus tools are actually aircraft flotation devices of computers, which provide you a false sense of security. Instead of efforts by security companies to thwart cyberattacks. Hackers keep finding new ways into unsuspecting people’s computers. So to help you all, Microsoft is adding a new feature to its Windows Defender line of anti-hacking tools. With the help of this feature it will help customers to identify the attack and stop them before they spread.

The Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection is not admitting defeat but it is taking an significant step towards coping reality that your system is going to be hacked so you would better be prepared when it does.


According to Microsoft, the new tool investigates information from more than 1 billion Windows devices, 2.5 trillion websites and also from 1 million suspicious files. Whenever it senses an attack happening to one of its customers, immediately it will send a notification. For example, the tool may detect the suspicious IP address which is trying to connect with a device on a customer’s network and then the user will get an alert message. However, Windows Defender ATP will also use that intelligence to alert other customers who’s PC appear to be going through the similar kind of attack.

To avoid hacking, advanced detection is crucial. As per Microsoft, it will take corporate customers for an average of 200 days for detecting security breath and 80 days to contain it. $12 million is the average cost per cyberattack. Even after this, there are possibility of attack. So instead of taking 200 days to find out, this tool can catch attacks very quickly. This Windows Defender ATP is available for all the corporate customers who have installed Windows 10 on their PCs.

Microsoft (MSET, Tech30) is trying to pitch Windows 10 as an essential upgrade for every organization which is concerned about security. So make use of this amazing feature of Microsoft and keep your system secured. And during this process if you face any data loss situation then do no worry. Because there are many ways to get your precious data back.


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