5 Predictions for Email Marketing in 2020


Emails have become one of the necessary things in this present world. Ray Tomlinson- the inventor of email had fundamentally changed the way people communicate. Soon after its entry, email communication started becoming more famous in business, huge corporation, banks, families and also in small mom-and-pop shops. As Email marketing is gaining popularity day by day, the marketers are expecting few things in coming four years. This article will cover everything from inbox functionality to email service provider functionality and also from legislation to personalization of emails.

  1. Hyper-Personalization

The most prevalent in 2020 will be dynamic, personalization and real-time content. In the coming years the traditional data mining and analytics will be combined with machine learning, which will turn the complex patterns in Big Data into actionable insights. The hyper personalization trend in email will merge with the “Internet of Me” trend, in which consumers are increasingly expecting to see content on the web in their own mobile apps.

  1. Interactive Emails

Emails have traditionally become gateway for landing pages. However, by 2020 many considerations will happen within the inbox itself. The landing pages will be vital but email interactivity will create a new interaction flow and make landing pages unnecessary in few cases.

  1. Voice Interfaces

We have seen browser wars and mobile OS wars in the past. Now we have already started seeing the war for voice interface taking shape with Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana being the most contenders so far. The visual minimalism represented by voice interfaces is the polar opposite of the interactive email moment.

  1. Tighter Rules

The US tried to regulate email or privacy. In the upcoming years, it may very nicely update CAN-SPAN and pass new privacy laws. London and EU will continue to be the leaders in terms of driving regulations, pulling US companies into future where consumers will be having much more rights over their data.

  1. An Open Social Network

Do you know how email used to be in 1990s? That time actually, email networks were gated. Then the walls came down and email became an open platform. Similar things among social network may take place in decades by successful launch of an open social network over the next few years. The email inbox providers can be able to freely incorporate this social networks feed into the current interfaces so that social and email updates are just a tab away from each other in a unified inbox. The latest social network might also be built on email architecture.

These are the five predictions for email marketing in 2020. I hope email marketing will work hard to achieve these goals.


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