5 Apps To Track Stolen Android Phone

We all have invested thousands together on Android powered smartphones and hate to lose them. Securing your smartphone against theft is not a kid’s play. Whenever you leave your phone behind in a restaurant, in a cab or in bus, someone outright may steal it. People feel bad not only for lost mobile phone but also for some crucial data available in it. The crucial data can be contacts, pictures, official or personal information etc. However, there is no need to suffer about this anymore because there are handful of good applications available, which help you to secure and track your mobile when it is lost.

  • Android Device Manager


Google has updated its Android Device Manager (ADM) software recently to include remote password changes alongside the ability to find your stolen device. It helps to provide the approximate location on a map and also when it was last used. When the Android Device Manager locates your device, that device will get a notification. Before using Android Device Manager App to locate your device, it’s location access need to be turned on. This software will not work if the lost device is turned off or if it does not have a mobile data or Wi-Fi connection. With the help of ADM you can remotely ring or lock your device, delete everything on it or you can even add a phone number to the lock screen. You can even link your mobile to Google so that you can find or ring it by searching for find my phone.

  • Family Locator


This family locator app helps to keep your family secure and connected. With this app you can see the location of family members on the map and keep in touch with instant messages. In case your kid is lost somewhere, tap on SOS button, then it will immediately send you the exact GPS location. Set safe and unsafe zones on the map receive notifications when your child enters or leaves park, school, playground etc.

  • Cerberus


Cerberus is the best chance of getting back your stolen mobile and it is easy to install and simple to use.

  • Prey Anti-Theft


Prey is one of the famous anti-theft application which lets you to track and locate your lost or stolen iPhone, Mac laptop and iPad. It can easily locate your device with the help of geolocation and many other features. Prey is 100% free, with single account you can protect up to three devices. After configuring your account you can find your mobile phone, get reports with pictures, lock your device down, trigger a loud alarm, it can display a tailored alert message, gather the network information and so on.

  • Where’s My Droid


This app has gained popularity since long time. It might look simple but this little app has lot of power. With the help of this you can find your phone, lock it and many more things. One of its best feature is its ability to send “GPS Flare” when the battery is low; so you will get last location no matter what. With this you can also control who can find your phone by using text messages. It has facilities like, remote wiping, hiding the app icon and ability to use a landline when activating the app.

I hope this article is helpful for all android phone users to keep their phone safe and secure. The above mentioned apps keep your mobile secure, especially when you have saved confidential data in it.


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